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Antares was named for the largest red star in the heavens and shines best at night. It opens at dusk and remains open the next day until mid morning. It is the most vigorous of the night blooming water lilies. The pads are green and spread 4-6 feet or more. Grow in full sun.
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Bulls Eye
This is a great name for a true red lily with a yellow center. It has over 70 petals and is free flowering. The green pads spread 4-6 feet. Grow in full sun.
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Red Cup
The red cup flowers of this lily bloom at night and may reach 5-8 inches in diameter. It makes a splendid display as either a single plant or as part of a mass planting. The pads are bronzy red with deeply serrated wavy edges and may spread up to 5-12 feet. The longer leaves may be easily trimmed back. Grow in full sun.
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Scarlet Flame
This award winner has over 100 red petals and usually 3 blooms at a time. It will not melt in the hot sun. The green pads spread 4-6 feet. At the 2009 competitions it received the First Place Peoples Choice and Best New Tropical Water Lily awards.
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Tropic Punch
This is another award winner with 130 red petals. The pads are green with maroon mottling and a spread of 4-6 feet. Grow it in full sun. It was named the Best New Water Lily and the First Place Water Lily Overall and the Best Tropical Water Lily in 2012
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A water lily that is a vigorous grower and prolific bloomer with over 70 red petals and yellow center. The pads are green with maroon mottling that tends to be more subtle than other varieties. It spreads 4-6 feet. In 2011 this plant won Best New Tropical Water Lily and Second Place Tropical Day Blooming Water lily. In 2015 it was awarded First Place Tropical Water Lily and Third Place Overall Tropical Water Lily.
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