Sales Details: All plants are shipped bare root. Lily sizes refer to width and Lotus sizes refer to height. Marginals are all shipped in the one gallon size. We ship via US Postal Service Priority Mail throughout the United States. FOR INTERNATIONAL ORDERS PLEASE CONTACT US for information about additional shipping costs and plant inspection charges BEFORE you place an order. Shipments are made Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday to insure plants do not stay in transit over the weekend. Please arrange to have your package delivered to an area not in direct sun as the plants will not take high temperatures.

Red Cup
The red cup flowers of this lily bloom at night and may reach 5-8 inches in diameter. It makes a splendid display as either a single plant or as part of a mass planting. The pads are bronzy red with deeply serrated wavy edges and may spread up to 5-12 feet. The longer leaves may be easily trimmed back. Grow in full sun.
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Sagittaria montevidensis
Also known as Aztec Arrowhead it is a tropical beauty with strong features including many white flowers with a red dot on each petal and a yellow center. It will reach a height of 2-4 feet and spread 36 inches. Grow in sun to part shade and moist soil to water over the crown. Zones 8-11
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Saurus cernus
Commonly referred to as Lizard Tail it provides a unique flower resembling its name. The flower appears in early summer with the plant reproducing by turions which appear to be new stems frequently growing out of the holes of the pot in late summer. This plant will reach 12 �36 inches tall. Grow in sun to part shade in moist soil or up to 6 inches of water over the crown. Zones 4-11
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Scarlet Flame
This award winner has over 100 red petals and usually 3 blooms at a time. It will not melt in the hot sun. The green pads spread 4-6 feet. At the 2009 competitions it received the First Place Peoples Choice and Best New Tropical Water Lily awards.
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Shirley Bryne
Looking for a dependable blooming water lily? It is common for this plant to bear numerous pink blooms at a time. The green pads spread 4-6 feet and will grow in part shade. It is moderately viviparous.
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St Louis Gold
The whole flower is deep yellow and stellate. It tends to open later in the day than other water lilies but it also stays open later in the day. The pads are bronze with small purple splashes then turn to olive green and spread 4-5 feet. Grow in full sun.
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Stan Skinger
The flowers on this lily start yellow and by late summer resemble the autumn colored water lilies with tones of pink and orange. The pads are green with maroon flecks and spread of 4-6 feet. This lily is a dependable bloomer. Grow in full sun.
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Star of Siam
Subtle coloring and many blooms sets this plant apart from others. The petals are light blue with white stamens and the pads are maroon and green mottled. Allow 4-6 feet for plant spread. Grow in full sun to part shade.
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Stipa sp
Commonly referred to as Bamboo Grass. We knew very little about this plant and through experimentation concluded it grows well in full sun or part shade. Ours grew to a height of about 3 feet tall and about 3 feet in diameter before we gave it a hair cut. It grew best when the pot sat in 3 inches of water but not submerged. The plant forms a dense ball with the lower stems and leaves drooping down covering much of the pot and providing shade for the fish.
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Texas Shell Pink
Think conch shell coloring with this night blooming plant. Flowers are white with reddish purple and a little orange and yellow added for good measure. The 8 inch platter shaped flowers give off a cinnamon like fragrance. The pads are dark bronze color and spread 5-6 feet. Grow in full sun.
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Tina is a free flowering and fragrant plant with violet-purple flowers and a yellow center. It has green pads spreading 4-6 feet. It adapts well to smaller containers. We have some growing in decorative pots that are only 12 inches in diameter. Because it is a viviparous plant it is more cold hardy than other tropical plants. Grow in full sun to part shade.
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Tropic Punch
This is another award winner with 130 red petals. The pads are green with maroon mottling and a spread of 4-6 feet. Grow it in full sun. It was named the Best New Water Lily and the First Place Water Lily Overall and the Best Tropical Water Lily in 2012
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Tropic Sunset
Tropic Sunset blooms have a platter shape of 6-10 inches and autumn colors of rose and yellow. The pads have green and purple mottling with a spread of up to 4-6 feet. This is a vigorous grower and a prolific bloomer.
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Trudy Slocum
This is one of the best white night blooming plants. The flowers are bright white with a bright yellow center. The pads are green spreading 4-6 feet or more. Grow in full sun.
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A water lily that is a vigorous grower and prolific bloomer with over 70 red petals and yellow center. The pads are green with maroon mottling that tends to be more subtle than other varieties. It spreads 4-6 feet. In 2011 this plant won Best New Tropical Water Lily and Second Place Tropical Day Blooming Water lily. In 2015 it was awarded First Place Tropical Water Lily and Third Place Overall Tropical Water Lily.
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Victoria Cruziana
This is the queen of night-blooming plants and part of our collector group. The first night the flowers are white opening quickly at dusk and remaining open for the night and most of the next day. Just prior to opening the pineapple or butterscotch aroma fills the evening air and signals the opening flower. By dusk the next day it is pink and 9-11 inches in diameter. The pads are green with a pie crust edge and covered in spines except the top of the leaf. It may reach 8 feet in diameter if planted in a very large container. In a large pond it may spread up to 40 feet if heavily fertilized. It may also be maintained at smaller sizes by planting it in smaller containers. We have one we limit to an 8 foot square pond. Plant in full sun with plenty of fertilizer and in water at least 75- 90 degrees. This is a very fast grower and lasts one year. Grow in full sun. Order by April or earlier for May or June shipping when the plant is small enough to ship and your pond water is warm enough.
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