Important Sales Details:  Lily sizes refer to width and Lotus sizes refer to height.  •••  Potted lotus contain water and may not shipped, but you may pick them up at the nursery when they are in season, from April to July, or as long as they are in inventory.  •••  When Lotus Tubers and/or Lilies are seasonally unavailable you may pre-order them for prompt delivery as soon as they become available. Call or email for information about availability.  •••  All plants except Potted Lotus are shipped bare root.  •••  Marginals are shipped in the one gallon size.  •••  We ship using the fastest delivery service (not express) to your address.  •••  Please arrange to have your package delivered to an area not in direct sun as the plants will not take high temperatures.  •••  FOR INTERNATIONAL ORDERS PLEASE CONTACT US for information about additional shipping costs and plant inspection charges BEFORE you place an order.

GroBags provide advantages over plastic pots for aquatic plants. Research has shown roots develop better in GroBags than in plastic pots. Water drains quickly from them when hoisted out of the pond. And, In addition, GroBags are reuseable and fold flat for storage.
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Pond Tabs Plus
Aquatic plant fertilizer.  Pond Tabs. 10-14-8 plus Humic acid and minors. 60 Tabs. Will not harm fish or aquatic life. Water Lilies require 5-6 tabs every 3 weeks pushed deep into the soil then pinch the hole shut. Lotus are fertilized after at least 2-3 aerial leaves form and then add only 1-2 tabs every 2 weeks two times. Then depending on size of lotus increase the number of tabs added. Continue to fertilize every 2 weeks until August then stop fertilizing. If you are familiar with Pond Tab packaging this label may not be familiar.  It has been relabeled by the distributor. SOLD OUT. WE ARE RECOMMENDING Dynamite fertilizer 15-15-15 available at your local nursery.  Insert one tablespoon in each of 4 holes created half way between the plant  and the edge of the pot (12, 3, 6, and 9 o'clock positions) Make the hole deep to minimize fertilizer leeching into the water. Pinch the hole shut after inserting the fertilizer. This fertilizer lasts 5-6 months.
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