Sales Details: All plants are shipped bare root. Lily sizes refer to width and Lotus sizes refer to height. Marginals are all shipped in the one gallon size. We ship via US Postal Service Priority Mail throughout the United States. FOR INTERNATIONAL ORDERS PLEASE CONTACT US for information about additional shipping costs and plant inspection charges BEFORE you place an order. Shipments are made Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday to insure plants do not stay in transit over the weekend. Please arrange to have your package delivered to an area not in direct sun as the plants will not take high temperatures.

The flowers on this lily have autumn coloring and start out pink changing to orange and then to yellow. They are cup shaped at 6 to 10 inches in diameter. The pads are green and spread 4-6 feet. This lily is a profuse bloomer that will emit a fresh clean aroma. Grow it in full sun.
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Nelumbo High Noon
High Noon blooms very early in the season with light yellow flowers held above the leaves.
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Nelumbo Hope
Hope presents a whimsical appearance with long, narrow and twisted yellow petals. The Chinese named this lotus a winner at the National Lotus Exhibition.
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Nelumbo Oriole Out of Water
The light yellow petals and pink tips on semi-double blooms give a delicate appearance. It will bloom from late summer into early fall after other lotus have stopped blooming.
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Nelumbo Perrys Giant Sunburst
This is a great lotus for a large pond. The flowers are creamy yellow with a lovely fragrance and grows to 10-12 inches. The leaves are 16-18 inches in diameter.
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St Louis Gold
The whole flower is deep yellow and stellate. It tends to open later in the day than other water lilies but it also stays open later in the day. The pads are bronze with small purple splashes then turn to olive green and spread 4-5 feet. Grow in full sun.
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Stan Skinger
The flowers on this lily start yellow and by late summer resemble the autumn colored water lilies with tones of pink and orange. The pads are green with maroon flecks and spread of 4-6 feet. This lily is a dependable bloomer. Grow in full sun.
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Yellow Dazzler
This hybrid was introduced in the late 1930s and is one of our favorite yellow plants. The flower petals are lemon yellow with a yellow center and stellate reaching 8-10 inch diameters. The pads are green with a few brownish red blotches spreading about 6 feet. Grow in full sun.
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