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Colorata is a species plant- not a hybrid. The cup shaped flowers are rich violet-blue with reddish blue tipped anthers. The flowers are 4.5 to 5.5 inches in diameter. The leaves are green and 8-9 inches. The plant spread is 3-6 feet making it ideal for containers or small ponds. It will continue to bloom when the water temerature drops to 65 degrees F.  It is the parent plant for Director George T. Moore and Midnight water lilies.


Important:  When this item is currently unavailable, due to its seasonal nature, it may be pre-ordered in February and March for pick-up or delivery as soon as it becomes available, a date that will vary from year to year, ranging from March through May.  Please use our Contact page to arrange a phone call or an email exchange to discuss the item’s availability this year.

Now available May 1. 2022.

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Flower Color


Flower Type

lily cup

Plant Size

lily small (width: 2 to 4 ft.)