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Victoria Cruziana


This is the queen of night-blooming plants and part of our collector group.  The first night the flowers are white opening quickly at dusk and remaining open for the night and most of the next day.  Just prior to opening the pineapple or butterscotch aroma fills the evening air and signals the opening flower.  By dusk the next day it is pink and 9-11 inches in diameter.  The pads are green with a pie crust edge and covered in spines except the top of the leaf.  It may reach 8 feet in diameter if planted in a very large container.  In a large pond it may spread up to 40 feet if heavily fertilized.  It may also be maintained at smaller sizes by planting it in smaller containers.  We have one we limit to an 8 foot square pond.  Plant in full sun with plenty of fertilizer and in water at least 75- 90 degrees.  This is a very fast grower and lasts one year.  Grow in full sun.

Important:  When this item is currently unavailable, due to its seasonal nature, it may be pre-ordered in February and March for pick-up or delivery as soon as it becomes available, a date that will vary from year to year, ranging from March through May.  Please use our Contact page to arrange a phone call or an email exchange to discuss the item’s availability this year. Available Now (April 5,)

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