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The flowers on this lily have autumn coloring and start out pink changing to orange and then to yellow. They are cup shaped at 6 to 10 inches in diameter. The pads are green and spread 4-6 feet. This lily is a profuse bloomer that will emit a fresh clean aroma. Grow it in full sun.
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Albert Greenberg
The autumn colored flowers on this plant change from rose to yellow. Blooms are cup shaped and grow up to 6 to 10 inches in diameter. The pads are green with maroon mottling. As a medium size plant it will spread 4-6 feet. Grow it in full sun to part shade.
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Antares was named for the largest red star in the heavens and shines best at night. It opens at dusk and remains open the next day until mid morning. It is the most vigorous of the night blooming water lilies. The pads are green and spread 4-6 feet or more. Grow in full sun.
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Blue Spider
Blue Spider got its name from the maroon spider web pattern on the green leaves. The violet blue flowers are held high above the water. This is a medium size plant spreading 4-6 feet.
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Do you need a small dependable plant that blooms with multiple blooms year round in zones 9-10? This is the one. While it is not real showy it is very dependable and highly scented. The light blue flower petals offer a striking contrast to the green pads. Because it is viviparous it withstands cooler water temperatures and will yield many new plants.
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Lindsey Woods
A unique trait of this water lily is the black sepals - the outer petals covering the bud. The flower is deep purple and has a yellow center. The pads are green and spread 4-6 feet. This is a vigorous grower and viviparous. Grow in sun to part shade.
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This water lily has uniquely colored flowers with a hint of yellow on the blue green petals. The green pads spread from 4-6 feet. Grow in full sun to part shade.
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Panama Pacific
This plant has a 100 year history and is still a very dependable and desirable variety. The rich violet-purple flowers are cup shaped then stellate and exude a sweet fragrance. The green pads spread 4-6 feet but may be kept smaller in a small pot. This plant grows best in sun but tolerates partial shade. It is one of the hardiest tropical water lilies and it is viviparous.
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Purple Joy
This recent introduction from Thailand will bring you joy. The striking white flowers with vibrant purple tips on the petals are unique. The green pads spread 4-6 feet. It is free flowering and viviparous. Grow in full sun.
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Red Cup
The red cup flowers of this lily bloom at night and may reach 5-8 inches in diameter. It makes a splendid display as either a single plant or as part of a mass planting. The pads are bronzy red with deeply serrated wavy edges and may spread up to 5-12 feet. The longer leaves may be easily trimmed back. Grow in full sun.
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Shirley Bryne
Looking for a dependable blooming water lily? It is common for this plant to bear numerous pink blooms at a time. The green pads spread 4-6 feet and will grow in part shade. It is moderately viviparous.
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Tropic Sunset
Tropic Sunset blooms have a platter shape of 6-10 inches and autumn colors of rose and yellow. The pads have green and purple mottling with a spread of up to 4-6 feet. This is a vigorous grower and a prolific bloomer.
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