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Do you need a small dependable plant that blooms with multiple blooms year round in zones 9-10? This is the one. While it is not real showy it is very dependable and highly scented. The light blue flower petals offer a striking contrast to the green pads. Because it is viviparous it withstands cooler water temperatures and will yield many new plants.
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Dichromena latifolia
White Top Sedge is grass like with white blooms. It will grow 12-24 inches tall and may be given a hair cut if it is too tall. It grows best in sun to part shade and moist soil or up to 1 inch of water over the crown. Zones 8-11
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Director George T Moore
This water lily was named for one of the directors of The Missouri Botanical Garden. The deep purple blooms with stellate shape may grow to 7-10 inches and give off a delightful aroma. The pads are green with purple flecks spreading 4-6 feet. Grow in full sun to part shade.
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Echinodorus cordifolius
Melon Sword is the common name and has clusters of spoon shaped leaves reaching 18-30 inches and long stems up to 36 inches floating out over the water with sprays of white flowers. Blooms during the summer. Grow in sun to part shade and up to 6 inches of water over the crown. Zones 5-11
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Equisetum hyemale
You may know this plant as Horsetail and its tendency to roam in available space. It provides a nice vertical contrast to leafy plants. It has green and black bamboo like stems growing 24-30 inches tall if the pot is big enough. Grows well in sun to part shade with moist soil and no water over the crown. Zones 4-11.
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Evelyn Randig
Evelyn Randig has deep raspberry pink flowers opening with a cup shape and then becomes a star with a slight fragrance. The pads are dazzling deep green with maroon mottling.  Medium size.
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This water lily presents an unusual color scheme of purple petals with a pink center. The leaves are green with bold maroon splashes and may reach a diameter of 17 to 19 inches with a spread of up to 10 feet. It received the First Place Tropical Water Lily and Best New Water Lily awards in 2014.
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This is a species (not a hybrid) from Australia and a collector plant. The inner petals of the flower are light blue with the outer petals dark blue to violet with yellow anthers. The globular star like flower may be 10-12 inches in diameter and it is held high above the water. The pads are green and spread 4 to 6 feet or more. Grow in full sun and double the fertilizer.
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GroBags provide advantages over plastic pots for aquatic plants. Research has shown roots develop better in GroBags than in plastic pots. Water drains quickly from them when hoisted out of the pond. And, In addition, GroBags are reuseable and fold flat for storage.
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Hibiscus coccineau
This water hybiscus has been described as the reddest flower in the plant kingdom with blooms up to 8 inches in diameter. Grows 6-9 feet tall and 3-6 feet wide in sun with moist soil or water up to 4 inches over the crown. Tip prune in early summer for a fuller plant. Zone 7-11
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Hot Pink
This lily earns its name with bright neon pink flowers. Each flower is cup shaped with a yellow center and may contain as many as 50 petals. The pads are green with purple mottling and a spread of 4-6 feet. In 2009 this plant was named The Second Best Water Lily.
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Hydrocleys nymphoides
Also known as Water Poppy it is easy to grow as it floats on the water surface spreading up to 6 feet and may easily be cut back. Flowers appear when the water reaches a temperature of 70-75 degrees and thrives in sun or shade. Water poppy provides a hiding place for fish and reduces algae growth. Zone 9-11
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True to its name the flowers blush when first opened then the pink tips on the petals turn white like the rest of the flower. The stellate flowers reach 5-7 inches in diameter and are held high above the water. This lily produces a sweet aroma. The pads are green with bergundy splashes and spread 4-6 feet. Grow in full sun. This is a viviparous plant.
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Iris Blue Flag
This is the only Florida native iris. It has vibrant blue blooms appearing in the middle of May while the rest of the year the green leaves add textural interest in the pond. Grow in sun to part shade and keep well fertilized and moist to 3 inches of water over the crown. Zones 8-11
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Iris Dusty Rose
A Louisiana Iris in Dusty Rose blooms in the spring. Keep the soil moist or submerge in water to several inches over the crown. Every two to three years divide the plant and fertilize when replanting and annually. Do this when it is dormant.Zone 6-11
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Iris Exquisite Lady
This Louisiana Iris Exquisite Lady lives up to its name blooming in spring. Keep the soil moist or submerge in water to several inches over the crown. Every two to three years divide this plant when it is dormant and fertilize when replanting and annually. Zone 6-11
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