Sales Details: All plants are shipped bare root. Lily sizes refer to width and Lotus sizes refer to height. Marginals are all shipped in the one gallon size. We ship via US Postal Service Priority Mail throughout the United States. FOR INTERNATIONAL ORDERS PLEASE CONTACT US for information about additional shipping costs and plant inspection charges BEFORE you place an order. Shipments are made Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday to insure plants do not stay in transit over the weekend. Please arrange to have your package delivered to an area not in direct sun as the plants will not take high temperatures.

Nelumbo Bali Red
This lotus was introduced into the U.S. market 30 years ago. It will bloom year round in the tropics or in a heated green house. It also blooms during cooler weather.
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Nelumbo Birthdays Peach
This is another highly prized Chinese lotus with many pink flowers held above the leaves.
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Nelumbo Chawan Basu
Chawan Basu was our very first lotus and just happens to be a world wide favorite. Chawan Basu means rice bowl and refers to the cup shaped flowers. The flower petals are white with pink tips.
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Nelumbo Chu Chu
An ideal patio plant that will grab attention all summer long. The classic showy flowers are bright red with yellow centers and are held well above the leaves.
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Nelumbo Deacon deGarmeaux
A lotus named in memory of a little boy. It has a classic look with large pink, single flowers and up to 20 inch diameter leaves. The flowers are held above the leaves. Creates large seed pods.
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Nelumbo Drunken Concubine
A small classic lotus with single flowers held above the leaves. Often there are multiple blooms and buds.
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Nelumbo Emboline
This small lotus begins as a red bud changing to white with dark pink petal tips. The flowers may even appear before the aerial leaves form. Plant in a small container and enjoy on the patio or by the front door.
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Nelumbo Empress
Add a royal lotus to your pond. The stately large white flowers with natures hand painted pink edges on the petals are unique. The flowers have about 24 petals and are 10-12 inches in diameter. The flowers are held well above the leaves.
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Nelumbo First Lady
This is a US hybrid with about 20 pink petals on 8 inch pink flowers.
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Nelumbo Golden Horse in Jade Palace
An excellent white lotus with green overtones presents a clean, crip appearance. An excellent bloomer all summer. Plant in a small pot maintaining 2 inches of water over the soil.
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Nelumbo Handsome Hero
Handsome Hero produces 6-9 inch double pink flowers with multiple blooms. The inner petals are erect while the lower petals droop giving a very full appearance.
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Nelumbo High Noon
High Noon blooms very early in the season with light yellow flowers held above the leaves.
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Nelumbo Highest Virtue
This lotus produces bright yellow fowers that change to white with violet purple tips. The green recepticle in the center provides a sharp contrast to the white petals. This blosssom opens completely to form a plate shaped flower. NOT AVAILABLE IN 2019.
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Nelumbo Hope
Hope presents a whimsical appearance with long, narrow and twisted yellow petals. The Chinese named this lotus a winner at the National Lotus Exhibition.
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Nelumbo Jewel Flower
Yes, this is a gem for the pond and you will love it. It has dark red blooms with yellow centers and it blooms, blooms, blooms.
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Nelumbo Mrs Perry D. Slocum
The queen of American lotus hybridized by Dr. Perry D. Slocum. You will love the blooms with 22 petals and 10-12 inch diameters. The large outer petals are graced with lacy center petals. The flower is lavendar pink on the first day it is open and then changes to yellow to cream. It has an anise fragrance. Keep 3-6 inches of water over the dirt.
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